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Short Sales And Foreclosures

Format | Online Self-Paced

Credit Hours | 3

Category | Continuing Education

SKU | 503AL079001

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This online course is an overview of short sale transactions, alternatives to short sales, how short sales affect buyers, lenders and sellers, the Home Affordable Modification Program (both HAMP Tier 1 and 2 are included) and the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA II/Short Sale). Highlights include defining what a licensee's role is in a short sale and how to put together the packet needed in a short sale for a lender. Additional topics include how the MARS Rule affects real estate licensees who are working with a client on a short sale, tenant rights in relation to a short sale and also the kinds of lender fraud that licensees should be on the lookout for during the process of a short sale.

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Ethics in Real Estate

Format | Online Self-Paced

Credit Hours | 3

Category | Continuing Education

SKU | 503AL027001

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This course discusses the importance of ethical behavior in the practice of real estate, and how a licensee's ethical standards can improve or harm a licensee's career, and the profession as a whole. The course compares and contrasts ethics, morality and the law. It describes principles supporting high ethical standards in real estate, the role of ethics in proper disclosure, and the types of ethical challenges a licensee may face in a competitive market. It discusses ethics as they relate to advertising and pricing, and how a licensee can best be supported to maintain high ethical standards. It concludes with a discussion of the types of ethical complaints commonly made against licensees, and how licensees may best avoid and respond to those complaints.

This course is approved by the local regulating body but does not provide credit from NAR. Please contact your local association or NAR directly for information on NAR Code of Ethics credit.

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ADA and Fair Housing

Format | Online Self-Paced

Credit Hours | 3

Category | Continuing Education

SKU | 503AL011002

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More Info

Fair Housing and the Americans with Disabilities Act legislation affects the business of every real estate professional. This real estate CE online course covers the law and how it pertains to real estate professionals, while refreshing their knowledge of the Federal Fair Housing Laws.

This online course covers the prohibitions in the Fair Housing Act, how an individual can enforce the Fair Housing Act, the provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968. It also covers the purpose and scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its effects on licensees of the ADA.

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Alabama Real Estate License Requirements

Learn about the Alabama education requirements for real estate licensing and renewal.

Licensing Board/Commission: Alabama Real Estate Commission (AREC)

Alabama Real Estate Education Requirements:

  • Alabama real estate salesperson license: 60 hours
  • Alabama real estate broker license: 60 hours + hold an active real estate salesperson license in any state for at least 24 months of 36-month period immediately preceding the date of application.
  • Students in Alabama have 6 months to pass the state exam after completing the course.
  • Alabama requires an additional 30 hours post-license real estate course within the first 12 months of licensure for a salesperson license.
  • Final exams:  Your final course exam must be proctored for qualifying education

State Reciprocity

If you hold an original current license in another state, you may obtain a RECIPROCAL license by doing the following:

  • Complete a six‐hour course in Alabama real estate law as specified in Rule 790‐X‐1‐.18 
  • Take and pass the corresponding Alabama portion of the licensing examination 
  • Submit with the application an official "Certificate of Licensure" form (license history) showing you hold a current license in another state. This certification can be obtained from the Real Estate Commission Office in that state. This certification must have been issued within 120 days of our receipt of your reciprocal license application. 
  • Exam candidates will receive an application for licensure at the test centers upon passage of the exam

Alabama Continuing Education (CE) and License Renewal and Requirements:

  • Sept 30 of even years (every two years)
  • Requirement is 15 hours: 3 hours of the Commission-approved Risk Management course and 12 hours of Commission-approved courses

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